Spongelton's Quick and Easy Project Cars 2 Increasingly Convoluted Random Car, Track, Time and Season Picker

You will be driving a 1984 Nissan Skyline Silhouette Formula (R30) at Sonoma Raceway Short (1.94 miles) : The time of day will be 6am : The date is March 27th : Alternately if you just want to set the season, it's winter.

This includes all the DLC cars, including the Japanese ones from the pre-order. As the game gets DLC I will update it to include the latest cars and tracks. I will be fiddling to make it prettier if and when I can. Probably. I was going for basic functionality to get it up and running since I was having a hard time deciding what cars and tracks to use. Figured if I found it useful, others might, so found a host and... Well here we are. I'm considering adding more functionality as and when I think of things to add. Like multiclass suggestions. If you have any ideas, comments, or just want to say thanks, drop me a line on Twitter. @bonedwarf I'd especially appreciate hearing if you found this useful since I cobbled it together for myself and it'd be lovely to know others used it.

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